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Choose The Right Hosting Plan for Your Business

The most widely used web hosting control system is cPanel. Many developers like it due of its high speed, continuous upgrades, and collection of essential features. It’s your first pick! Free domain name and SSL certificate are included with cPanel hosting. Choose cPanel hosting and take control of your website.

Quick Website Building

You can get your website up and running quickly and easily with a full website solution that starts with your choice of sitebuilder: WordPress or Weebly.


Known as the most extensively utilized Content Management System (CMS), it powers 40 percent of the whole internet. It is suggested for sites that want to expand over time, since it comes with hundreds of themes and plugins and a sizable community to support them. Make use of our service to get started with WordPress and benefit from a free installation, automatic updates, and outstanding customer support!


Considered to be one of the simplest website builders available, it is suggested for first-time users due to its simple drag-and-drop editor. It includes a variety of design layouts and functionality, such as contact forms and a shopping cart, that meet the requirements of every new website. All of our plans include a free version!

Website Transfer with Ease

With the assistance of our migration professionals, you may confidently migrate your website to us. Alternatively, our easy-to-use WordPress Migrator plugin allows you to benefit from free automated migrations.

WordPress Migrator for Free

We've made it simple for customers transferring WordPress sites to do it themselves.Install our WordPress Migrator plugin and generate a token to begin the migration of your WordPress site to your Eternus Global web hosting account. You may move as many installations as you want without experiencing any difficulties.

Migration of Professionals

For as little as $30.00 per site, we provide a professional website transfer solution. Our professionals will move your files and databases for you. We migrate over 50,000 sites every year and understand how to make the process as painless and risk-free as possible for you!

Ecommerce Solutions

Begin your online store with a free installation of the shopping cart of your choosing and take use of other services included in the package like SSL, daily backups, and more.

Installation of a shopping cart is free

You may pick your chosen shopping cart software and have it immediately installed on your account using our click-and-install method. In minutes, you'll have a fully working internet shop!

SSL Integrated

We generate and install a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for your online store, ensuring the security of your customers' transactions and the trustworthiness of your site. SSL certificates encrypt data transferred via your site and ensure that you comply with search engine regulations that flag insecure sites.

Daily Restores

Due to the constant stream of orders, items, and customers, online retailers get fresh material more often than other kinds of websites. That is why having a dependable backup from which to recover data is critical, and we provide a free daily backup service.

Optimized for Content Management System (CMS) Applications

Our hosting platform is adaptable and geared to run a wide variety of PHP and MySQL applications. Whether it's a content management system, a customer relationship management system, a forum, or a wiki, we manage it and provide installation of the most popular platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Essentials of Web Hosting

Quick Sites

Site performance has a significant impact on both search engine visibility and conversion rates. That is why we swiftly accept new technologies and create them in-house to ensure that our sites work as quickly as possible!

Superior Security

We prioritize security. We secure your site proactively against dangerous code and hack assaults that might harm your traffic and reputation.

Artificial intelligence-based anti-bot system

Additionally, we create innovative solutions such as our artificial intelligence-based anti-bot system, which efficiently stops millions of security threats each day.

Customizable WAF

We operate a WAF (Web Application Firewall) for which new security rules are continually being written. Each year, we add hundreds of custom rules that mitigate a variety of newly discovered yet unresolved application vulnerabilities.

SSL Integrated

We were one of the first hosts to provide free SSL to all sites and are one of the businesses who financially support the Let's Encrypt SSL initiative, as we believe strongly in making the Internet a safer place for everyone.

WordPress Administration

WordPress is the most widely used platform for creating websites for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as personal pages and online portfolios. We make it easy for everyone, regardless of their level of skill, to develop and run a WordPress website by including managed WordPress hosting with all of our plans.

Simple To Use And Automated Updates

Each of our plans includes complimentary custom-built WordPress Starter and Migrator plugins to assist you in quickly building or migrating a working website. Additionally, we manage the security and software upgrades for our clients' WordPress installations.

Optimizing the Performance of WordPress

All of our customers get complimentary WordPress plugins that include a slew of front-end and server-side speed enhancements that users may use or disable depending on the requirements of their particular website.

Solutions for WordPress Security

Along with the groundwork we do to keep our customers' websites secure, we also provide a free all-inclusive security plugin for WordPress users. It enables you to secure your WordPress login, monitor user activity, safeguard system directories, and activate additional defenses against common vulnerabilities.

Simple administration of the site

We understand that developing and keeping a website may be difficult at times. That is why we provide a comprehensive set of one-click tools and solutions for typical chores that webmasters undertake on their website and server on a daily basis.

Client Area that is simple to use

You get fast access to all critical tools and services for your sites, hosting accounts, and domains in our Client Area, including a site creation wizard, shortcuts to the sites' Site Tools, billing settings, login and profile management, and support.

Software Installation with a Single Click

We provide time-saving auto-install options that enable you to quickly and easily install several apps like WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, and many more!

Site Tools That Are Easy to Use

Our straightforward and powerful Site Tools enable you to upload files to the server, establish databases and emails, park domains, and control DNS zones, among other things.

Domain Administration

Take advantage of seamless domain administration services when you purchase a hosting account. We provide domain registration for over 50 extensions,,.net,, Transfer your domain to Eternus Global and manage it alongside your hosting using our migration service.

Email Service That Is Dependable

Along with the groundwork we do to keep our customers' websites secure, we also provide a free all-inclusive security plugin for WordPress users. It enables you to secure your WordPress login, monitor user activity, safeguard system directories, and activate additional defenses against common vulnerabilities.

Create an infinite number of email accounts

At no additional cost, create professional email accounts associated with your website domain. You may establish as many accounts as necessary and quickly provide access to individual accounts to workers, team members, or anyone else.

Utilize an intuitive webmail interface

You may access your email from anywhere using webmail. Additionally, you and the users of the email accounts you established may quickly change their passwords, configure autoresponders and forwarders using our webmail application.

Create autoresponders and forwarders

When utilizing email for commercial purposes, it is critical to have the ability to configure autoresponders and forwarders. This may be done using the Site Tools >Email section or the webmail app.

Protocols SMTP, POP3, and IMAP are all supported.

Our email service enables you to send and receive messages using email accounts hosted on your own domain through the SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols that our platform