Technologies for Premium Hosting

Our interest is developing intelligent solutions in-house and using cutting-edge speed and security technology. We invest our souls in developing tools and interfaces that enhance the customer experience, and we are always innovating to provide you with the finest service possible.

Platform with Exceptional Performance

SSD persistent storage

Modern network for quicker webpages

We are using SSD permanent storage, which is redundant in nature. In the unusual event that the hosting server fails, we can simply spin up a new virtual machine on another hosting node in our cloud space and connect the distributed storage volume to the new instance rather than the problematic one, without having to wait for backup restorations to complete.

The cloud is regarded for having one of the quickest and most powerful networks, which implies that when we use their service, our customers’ websites will load quickly. There is hardly no other worldwide network that is more linked!

Caching Technology That Is Effective

By default, we activate NGINX Direct Delivery for all sites hosted on our servers, which means that some assets, such as your photos, will load more quickly from the server’s memory as opposed to the hard drive. We also use full-page caching for all apps running on our platform, which has been shown to improve site performance by 50 percent to 500 percent! Finally, customers with higher plans have the option of using the cached service, which significantly improves the overall speed.

Rapid integration of technologies

We have a history of being among the first hosting businesses to give consumers access to cutting-edge performance innovations. Our clients are not required to wait for the latest PHP versions or the most cutting-edge protocols and compression methods. 

PHP Configuration in a Flash

We’ve created a unique PHP implementation that dramatically reduces the TTFB (time to first byte) and speeds up your websites by an average of 30%. This optimized PHP configuration consumes less memory and enables the server to execute a greater number of requests more quickly. Individuals on GrowBig and above plans may benefit from our unique and speedier PHP implementation.

Custom MySQL Configuration

One of the most common causes of a website being sluggish is a high volume of MySQL queries. That is why we are always upgrading our MySQL configuration to meet the increasing requirements of database-driven websites. The most recent upgrade resulted in optimization that reduced the amount of sluggish requests by around ten to twenty times.

Outstanding WordPress Performance

We are optimizing WordPress speed in our hosting environment. Additionally, you can quickly optimize your site’s performance via it by selecting the best PHP version, enabling HTTPS, and using our automatic image optimizations, lazy image loading, GZIP compression, CSS&HTML minifications, and more.

Security-First Approach

Innovative WAF

Anti-AI bot

Server Monitoring 24 hours a day

Our servers and applications are protected by a sophisticated web application firewall. We monitor application vulnerabilities and patch against exploits in the most popular content management systems and their plugins on a constant basis. Each year, we add hundreds of new rules created in-house and are able to secure your sites even before the developers issue an official security update.

Botnet-based brute-force assaults are a huge worldwide problem that relatively few businesses can adequately address. We’ve built a very powerful Artificial Intelligence system that prevents between 500,000 and 2 million brute-force attacks each hour across all of our servers, before they reach our clients’ websites. Not only does this prevent illegal access, but it also conserves your hosting resources.

Our team’s in-house developed server monitoring system is another piece of art. It is highly lightweight and can check the condition of the server every 0.5 seconds — far more often than ordinary monitoring solutions in our business! It not only identifies and resolves existing faults promptly, but is also built to anticipate and avoid a plethora of future concerns.

Backups That Are Distributed

Security for WordPress

Included SSL

We have a robust backup mechanism in place to ensure optimum data preservation and rapid catastrophe recovery. Each account is backed up daily and several copies are kept in a separate data center from the one that hosts the current account. This increases the likelihood of recovering your data and bringing it back online, not only in the event of human mistake, malware infection, or hardware failure, but also in the event of more serious mishaps such as fire, natural disaster, or power loss. We not only safeguard your data with distributed backups, but are also able to restore service considerably more quickly when necessary.

Our all-in-one, free security plugin for WordPress enables you to safeguard your application against typical malware, brute force attacks, and other security threats. It enables two-factor authentication, allows you to customize the login URL, restricts logins to certain IP addresses, deletes the default readme.txt, hides your WordPress version, and provides a thorough activity log to help you spot threats.

What is an SSL?

SSL is more than a recommended practice for websites; it is a de facto industry standard. SSL certificates encrypt data transferred via your site and ensure that you comply with search engine regulations that flag unsafe sites. It is required for ecommerce sites and those that collect user information.

Free SSL for all our platform sites

Since its inception, we have worked with and financially supported the Let’s Encrypt initiative, which provides free SSL to anybody. SSL certificates may be issued and renewed automatically for sites hosted on our platform using our in-house integration of Let’s Encrypt.

Client & Control Panel Friendly

To manage your hosting and websites, you’ll have access to powerful but simple-to-use interfaces and tools. Our client-facing software was developed in-house to provide an exceptional user experience and the effectiveness of our platform’s operations. All of our tools adhere to the same design standard, ensuring an uniform and unified experience regardless of whether you’re using our Client Area and Site Tools or one of the WordPress plugins we’ve produced for our customers.

Advanced Collaboration Tools

Clients' Sites

You may move a website from your account and propose a hosting plan and optional services for them to activate. This is particularly beneficial for designers, developers, and firms who provide websites to customers.

Adding Collaborators

Collaborators may be added to any of our hosting options. Individuals listed as collaborators get their own access to the Site Tools for the website they are assisting in the development and/or maintenance of. Additionally, they have their own Client section and may contact our support staff for assistance with site maintenance.

Management of White-label Reselling

You may give white-label access to the Site Tools for the websites you construct for your customers on Cloud hosting services. When your customer enters into their website’s Site Tools, they will not see our logo or name.

Cloud Auto Scaling

Adding resources with a single click

You may manually update your Cloud plan’s RAM, CPU, and/or storage at any time. The additional resources are instantly added without requiring a reboot or any other downtime.

Automated traffic peaks autoscaling

Additionally, you may configure automated scaling for your cloud’s RAM and CPU. Our innovative auto-scale feature eliminates slowdown and downtime during unexpected traffic increases. When enabled, it will augment your existing resources if they become insufficient. You specify the additional amount, which gives you complete control over auto-scale-related expenses.