Transfer Domain Names to Eternus

To migrate your domain, use the Eternus domain transfer service.

Domain transfer is an excellent approach to keep everything in order

You will have more control if you have your web hosting and domain name in one location. You’ll also save time by not having to make as many changes or prolong the service’s duration.. Our dedicated Customer Success representatives will be on hand to assist you with any of your domain transfer concerns and requirements!

Before starting a domain transfer, double-check that:

Begin with your domain transfer

The entire domain conversion procedure is straightforward. Let’s break it down into three straightforward steps:


First, type in the domain you want to transfer.


Send the EPP code to the domain’s whois email address.


Wait for the domain transfer approval requests from both registries to arrive.

The domain transfer normally takes 3-7 days once all of these processes are finished. In your Members Area, you can keep track of the domain transfer. Our Customer Success team is always available to assist you or provide you with information!

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Domain transfer

REGISTRAR-EU is our IPS tag. This tag should be added to your current domain registrar in order to domain name transfers correctly.

Yes, you certainly can. As long as the domain is in the Grace category, it can be moved to or from other registries. Nevertheless, it is not feasible to transfer a domain that is in the Redemption or Pending Delete phase.

No, the initial payment includes everything. Only after the transfer is finished, on the new expiration date, will you have to activate your domain.

Regrettably, privacy services do not move between registrars. If you’re transferring a domain, you’ll need to remove the privacy first, or you’ll run into issues. To hide your whois details after the transfer, you’ll need to acquire a new domain privacy service.