Malware Removal Service for WordPress (5)

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One time payment other services will cost you for infection removal on a monthly or yearly basis.

Removal And Restoration On The Same Day

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and ready to get started on cleaning your site and getting it running smoothly.

Privacy Protection You Can Depend On

Cleaning your website is one thing, but safeguarding it from possible attacks is even more important.

Our WordPress Malware Removal Service Offers

Security Audit of Files and Databases

Audit of all important site files and databases by hand.

Scan of the Entire Website in Detail

All files and databases will be thoroughly screened for viruses.

Optimization On the Entire Site’s Security

We’ll take steps to keep your site safe from future assaults.

Server level Privacy Check

Ascertain that PHP is up to date and that the hosting environment is secure.

User and Role Analysis on the Website

Investigate and confirm any malicious user activity or access.

Cleanup Report for a Website

Detailed description of each task accomplished by our agent.

Review and Removal of the Blacklist

When the work is over, our Infection Specialist will give you confirmation of removal. They’ll also look for any blacklists that your site may be on and remove it as quickly as possible. 

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