WordPress Performance Optimization


Best Website Speed

For both desktop and mobile devices, we will maximize every URL on your website.

Premium Caching Plugin For Life

WP rocket or swift performance pro will be included in your optimization.

Bloated Method For Optimization

We’ll make sure that your website only loads what it needs for each URL, and that the rest is bypassed.

WordPress Performance Optimization

Plugin For Premium Caching

Our Speed Expert will configure WP Rocket or Swift Performance Pro ($39.99 value) on your site, based on which will provide the greatest results and the fastest load times. A lifetime license is included with all plugins.

Optimizing The Database

Your database is where all of your site data and information are saved. Databases can get bloated throughout time, containing a lot of information that your site no longer requires. We’ll optimize your entire database in great detail.

Image Optimization

Images can significantly slow down the load time of each page on your site. Not only will we improve all of your current photographs, but we’ll also make sure that any new images you upload to your site are automatically improved for speed.

Audit Of Plugins In Detail

What is WordPress without plugins, right? The only disadvantage is that they can drain a lot of resources from your server, making your site load slowly. We’ll double-check that you’re using all of your plugins.

Expert In Personal Speed

You’ll be given a Speed Expert who will not only respond to questions you have about WP speed, but will also help you improve it.

Report On Optimization In Detail

The report will contain a picture of the situation before we perform our magic, as well as details on what has been enhanced as a result of the performance optimization effort.



What good is it for us to advertise a speed optimization solution if our own site isn’t customized and lightning fast? Take a peek at our site’s speed tests below and picture how quickly your page would load.

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